Your website is a target

for hackers and cyber crime.

Let Carepress protect you from these risks so you can focus on your business while we keep it updated, secure & optimized.

Core Deliverables

Security & Vulnerability Checks

We regularly scan your website for security. We block hacking attacks and malicious activities.

Offsite Regular Backups

We make regular backups of your website. Backups are kept offsite to ensure safety.

Regular System Updates

We regularly update your WordPress system, plugins and themes to avoid vulnerabilities.

Page Speed Optimization

We use best practices to optimize your website’s page speed to rank better in google.

What our
customers say

We love our customers, and they love us

It was such a pleasure to work with...

"my insurance broker said by using Carepress it will lower my cyber insurance premiums by reducing cyber crime risk on my website"



"My website is a lot faster then it was before, plus I don't have to worry about mantaining and updates."

Nate J.


Say Goodbye to Downtimes

You have seen your website going down because of some plugin or theme was hacked?
You have spent hours trying to update the plugin/theme which malfunctioned?
Have you ever wondered how people manage 100% uptime and good page speed?

CarePress is answer to all these problems...


Powerful Tools

CarePress integrates powerful tools with your website for batter performance and security.

Website Care Pricing

Join us today so we start taking care of your website.
save by selecting our annual plan






Dedicated Server Hosting

Separate server for your website, all server resources dedicated to you.

Software Updates

Regular safe software updates

Offsite Weekly Backups

Weekly & on-demand offsite backups

Security Monitoring

Monitor website for security risks

Speed Optimization

Speedy website with WP-Rocket

Global CDN

Fastest CDN all over the globe

Image Optimization

Optimized with lossless compression

Zero Down-Time

System Checks your website every minute

Performance Check

Automated speed & performance checks

Website Health Reports

Monthly health reports in you inbox

Broken Links Monitor

No more 404 error pages

Database Optimization

Clean database from unwanted Records

Support - Silver

A support that you can count on.
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Includes All Silver features

Fix Problems

We fix problem on your website like page not loading, plugin not working or you are unable to configure something. (2 clock hours per month)

Remove Bloat

Unnecessary scripts, plugins, and styles sheets removal on home, about, contact pages.

Premium Plugins

We Provide license for some of the premium plugins on your website.

Next-gen image Format

webp image delivery for website

Offsite Daily Backups

Daily & on-demand offsite backups

2-Factor Authentication

Add secure login to your website 

Staging for Experiments

Easy staging website for development

CloudFlare Integration

Free CloudFlare integration (Per Request)

Support - Gold

Skip the queue email support
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Includes All Gold features

Unlimited Support Tasks

Fix problems related to your website functionality as well as change, add, update website content.

Development & Design Expert

2 hours of expert developer time to make design and functionality changes in your website.

Site Edits via Email instructions

Change, add, update website content as per your email instructions.

Offsite Hourly Backups

Backup intensity can be set to as frequent as a backup per hour. (Per Request)

Strategy Review Call each month

We setup a virtual meeting every month to discuss strategy regarding your website updates and security.

Remove Bloat (Advanced)

Unnecessary scripts, plugins, and styles sheets removal form main pages and post types.

No Spam Bots

Premium Akismet spam detection for you website.

Support - Platinum

Skip the queue Email support with live chat through our platform.

Complete Website Remake

complete remake and optimized development of your website for 36 months commitment upfront.
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Basic Package for $49

If you want to test things out before serious commitments, an affordable plan with regular updates, backups, maintenance and best website security maybe right for you!
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Frequently Asked Questions

Let's start our journey towards secure and managed online business. 

What is your process to start?

After receiving your order, we analyze your website and send you a summary of an action plan. This email contains outdated software details, performance metrics, and how we are going to implement the changes.

What do you need to take care of my website?

Mostly we need WordPress admin, but we require access to your hosting just in case there is some damage or website broken during the process of implementation of new changes.

How do I share my credentials?

After placing the order you can send your WordPress and hosting credentials via email Make sure to mention your domain, order number and additional comments if any. You can share credentials via password management apps as well.

My Website is already hacked. Will you clean it if I buy any of the plans?

If your website is already hacked we require you to subscribe for at least 3 months, so that we can put extra effort into your website and clean it from malware and malicious files.

Do you manage WooCommerce websites?

Yes. We manage WooCommerce websites. Offsite-hourly backups (Platinum Plan) are the best if you have a big store.

Does it matter which web host I am using?

Your hosting does not matter as long as it does not interfere with our speed optimizations. Traditional shared hostings are not so performance-friendly, although most of them claim they are optimized for WordPress, in reality, you get what you pay for. We, therefore, encourage our clients to move to dedicated server hosting like Cloudways. It costs $10 extra for a month, but it helps your website a lot. (We are not affiliated with any hosting provider)

What type of reporting do you provide?

We provide a detailed report each month containing information about WordPress, theme and plugin updates that have been performed in the last month. It also includes speed metrics of your website. It informs about your website's rank change over time. Furthermore, this report has details of any broken links on the website.

What is "Bloat Removal"?

It's a unique service that we offer. WordPress themes and plugins put a lot of unnecessary code and resources on all of your website pages. We check in detail and remove extra scripts, CSS, plugins and resources that are not being used on your website. We do it manually with a custom-designed solution specific to your website.